Rules & Regulations


1. Any student admitted to Liberty College will be entitled the decree of Liberty Family and shall be abide by the existing rules and regulations of the college and even agree to comply with any amendment of the existing rules or enforcement of new rules and regulations in the future days.

2. Student shall maintain a high degree of discipline at college.

3. Student shall be regular and punctual to college calender from the semester. A minimum of 80% of attendance is must for the student to attend the periodic and end semester tests.

4. Student shall complete all the assigned works timely and shall report the concerned authority for any kind of alteration to it.

5. Plagiarism of any kind will be considered as the breach of the existing code of conduct.

6. Student shall use the library and computer lab in lieu with the declared rules by the concerned authorities.

7. Student shall not smoke, chew tobacco and take alcoholic beverage or any sort of unauthorized drug material.

8. Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to see their children during the college hours without permission. Teachers can’t be interviewed by parents/ guardians without the prior permission from the college administration.

9. Student is liable to pay any damage done to the college property.

10. Student is not allowed to come to the college with any restricted book, magazine, CD or newspaper.

11. Student is not allowed to use cell phone during class hours.

12. Student is shall not be harsh or abuse the teachers, staff, fellow students, seniors and juniors. Any act of ragging or misbehavior will be considered as the breach of college rules and serious action will be taken against the offenders.

13. Student shall not discriminate any individual based on religion, race, caste, gender, ethnicity and age. The college is a complete discrimination free zone.

14. Liberty college, being an absolute apolitical academic institution , does not entertain any kind of political activities within the college premises and its members including the students shall not participate in any kind of political affairs. This clause does not bar the Liberty members to be affiliated with professional organizations.

15. Students’ should notify the college in writing for any single day of absence.