About Us


Liberty College is part of Liberty Education Foundation; Liberty education has been working in Nepal for unique proposition in the sector of education in terms of manpower development, knowledge enhancement and think tank development.

Liberty College has been conducting BBA programs for past 6 years and is now embarking into new era of change management to contribute to the management education sector of Nepal through different unique endeavors.

Liberty College is a complete management college run by the experienced faculty members and business professionals and we offer BBA program affiliated to Pokhara University.

Proposed Programs
Bachelors in Business Administration – Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI), Bachelors in Development Studies (BDeVS), Bachelors in Hospitality Management (BHM) and Masters in Business Administraton (MBA)

We believe in the creation of a sound academic atmosphere and environment where the students get an opportunity to flourish in a true academic manner along with relevant experience in management. Liberty College seeks to provide a corporate and academic environment; where the students can grow with Individual Progress with the principles of self-motivation, self-discipline and self-control. Some of the core values upon which our teaching learning is based are:

•    Knowledge,
•    Intellectual inquiry,
•    Research-based learning,
•    Academic integrity,
•    Ethical behavior
•    Democratic processes
•    Freedom with responsibility
•    Global awareness and sustainability

Academic integrity to create responsible leaders and managers for the changing global business scenario.

Liberty College will be a great place to learn where individuals are inspired to be the best they can be.

Why Liberty College?
•    Liberty College stands for Individual Progress’, hence we are focused in Individual     Growth, Individual Identity, Individual Care, Individual Skill Development and Individual Priority for each and every student.
•    College offers early opportunities for acquiring professional and corporate skills.
•    We follow student-centric, research-based participative learning approaches that help to solve real life problems.
•    We have highly qualified, qualitative and professional faculty who have sound academic and professional exposure from Nepal and abroad.
•    In our education, we also imbibe freedom, ethical values and dignity so that they become progressive individuals, civilizing the living standards of their families, industries and society.