Message from MD


We are passing through a phase of global competition. Multi-national companies are keen to acquire the services of skilled managerial personnel. There is an overwhelming demand in industry for qualified professionals who can deliver and with a sharpen skill enhance the profitability of the companies. Liberty College, a premier institution has been producing highly competent graduates.

We occupy a unique position in the education community and our students have established a record of outstanding achievement in further study, career path, sporting, cultural endeavors and services to community. We aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each individual student to discover and understand themselves, and face and overcome challenges presented to them to make student life fulfilling and complete.

In the past few years, our institution has grown from strength to strength and our students have earned kudos for their commitment, dedication, sincerity and professional efficiency. I am confident that with the continuous support and patronage of the management, willing cooperation of the staff and urges amongst the students to excel, we shall be able to provide the best to the nation in the field.

Shisheer Bhatta
Managing Director