I Evolve Series


I EVOLVE Series includes a series of structured classes that help students learn, develop and polish their skills. Communication, Writing, Computing and Etiquettes are some of the many skills that students master from these classes.

–    I Plan:    To help each one set a career goal or vision for oneself and then plan a strategy to achieve the target.
–    I Speak:     English Grammar is taught to improve one’s correctness of English. Theoretical lessons imparted are practiced practically through interactions.
–    I Converse:     Significance and types of Verbal communication, ways of communicating and gesture in communication are dealt with.
–    I Write:     Develops effective writing skills and the techniques. It teaches various forms of business writing.
–    I Look:     Personality development classes dealing with developing of proper etiquettes of dressing, eating and talking habits.
–    I Present:     Teaching the proper way of making formal presentations and presenting in front of audience.
–    I Lead:     Helping the students understand the prerequisites of being an effective leader. Ways of developing leadership and presentation skills.
–    I Excel:     Computer classes on EXCEL. The theoretical classes are followed by practices on developing various kinds of advanced EXCEL formats.
–    I Design:     PHOTOSHOP classes for teaching the students about the basic functions of PHOTOSHOP application.
–    I Access:    Computer classes on ACCESS, an application is taught for theoretical and practical approach.
–    I Interview:     Expert advice on how one should prepare for an interview and be or behave in the interview. Simulation sessions on interview facing are conducted.