Management Fest

Main Festival of Liberty College held from July-August.Following are the events to be done on fest.


Entrepreneurship competition is a showcase of business done by students to learn about the real life exposure of entrepreneurship by starting their own business and selling the products within and outside the college premises. This helps in enhancing the entrepreneurial skills as well as increase risk taking attitude, managerial skills and many more.

Tag the Brand

This contest is done to sharpen the skills related with the marketing and brand regarding the various products and services available in the world. In this contest, students are given tagline, logo, jingle etc on the basis of which they have to recognize the brand name. Student also has to answer the slogans of various companies.

Mad Ad

Mad Ad Show is an ‘Advertisement Making Competition’ for students to showcase their creativity in marketing products and services. Its objective is to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. They will demonstrate their skills by showcasing their talent through role play where product advertisements are done. The idea behind conducting this competition is to provide a platform to participants to explore their creativity and stage presentation skills.

Visual Ad

Visual Advertising competition are built to accomplish a set of objectives. Such objectives usually include establishing a brand, raising brand awareness, aggrandizing the rate of conversions/sales. The rate of success or failure in accomplishing these goals is reckoned via effectiveness measures.

Turn Coat

turncoat is a process of speaking in one topic who shifts allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to another, betraying or deserting an original cause by switching to the opposing side or party. It is the best part of knowledge gain in any competition.


In this competition students are allowed to choose a topic freely and on the basis of that they are allowed to do their presentation within 10 minutes in front of Jury team. The essence behind this competition is to bring confidence among the students to speak fluently and to excel them towards presenting their ideas properly, understanding body languages and creating a point of difference in the presentation.

Idea pitching

Idea pitching is a contest where student comes up with their creative and innovative ideas and express the ideas in front of jury member with valid justification regarding the feasibility and vaiability of the ideas. Students are allowed a 90 seconds timeframe to present their ideas. On the basis of that, best and promising ideas are selected.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a vital life skill that students use throughout their academic career and in their everyday life. The speaker talks on a pre-agreed topic for a maximum of five minutes. This competition provides a platform for students to showcase their public speaking skills and allow them to learn from other contestants as well. They also learn to use their words, voice, pitch, body language, eye contact, facial expressions and movement skills during the contest.

Business Quiz

Liberty, offers a platform for the students to test the “information from memory, and that such effortful retrieval turns out to be a wonderfully powerful mnemonic device in many circumstances”.

Business Debate

Students are given an opportunity to take participation to discuss in a business related topic. Teams get a total of 10 minutes to present their arguments and will be judged on their effective use of evidence and knowledge of the topic, persuasiveness, opening and closing statements, language use, and performance. The debates provide an opportunity for the participating students to develop their critical thinking and oral communication skills.

Case Study

Case studies of real or hypothetical businesses are handed over to the students. They are given sufficient time to understand and analyze the case study and come up with feasible solutions to the problems or provide an alternative path that could have shown better results for the business. This event primarily focuses on the ability to analyze a case and think out of the box for a solution. The Case Study event can construe the future Business Analysts of various esteemed organizations.

Art Competition

Art competitions are an excellent opportunity to grow as an artist and develop your art career. They can benefit you in a number of different ways – exposure, exhibitions, and even self-confidence. Madiha Abdo,says, “I consider art competitions and other related opportunities very important for my artistic journey, as they help me get much needed exposure and become more self-confident.”

Stress Interview

stress interview is a tactic used to put candidates under extreme pressure. They are designed to test your ability to think on your feet, respond appropriately in difficult situations and stay calm in a pressurized environment, which help their accepting the stress for future job selection process.

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