Orientation-Induction Day

Student Orientation Programs

Starting college can cause much anxiety in the heart of a new college student because of all the unknowns–”What should my major be? Will I make any friends? How will I find all of my classes? Whom do I ask if I have a question?” Typically, a staff member or team coordinates the orientation programs within the college and provides the leadership to bring the entire university together.

Introduction to College Life

Introducing students to college life requires presenting as full a view as possible of all the university has to offer. Therefore, academics as well as extracurricular activities should be presented. During orientation, students should be made aware of opportunities to be socially integrated into the college culture.

Becoming Familiar with the New Environment

The second aspect of the role of orientation is acclimating students to their new environment. For some students, going to college is their first time away from home, so orientation should give them time to become familiar with their new surroundings. New students should meet their roommates and find their classrooms.

Welcome to the Community!

The college community should not only be involved in the preparation and implementation of orientation programs but also have an opportunity to meet the new students. Unlike some of the other programs within campus life, orientation requires the cooperation and the resources of the entire campus community including faculty, dining services, housing, facilities management, and student activities groups.

Finally, Orientation is a much-needed program that when planned correctly can aid all participants–new students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, and current students. Orientation is designed to answer questions before they are asked and to provide solutions before problems occur. By planning appropriately and using all campus resources, orientation should relieve anxieties and prepare the new students for success.



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