Message from the Principal

Dr. Bishwo Udhir Poudel Gharti Principal

Namaste !

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Liberty College, Pokhara University affiliate and ownership of Global College of Management, all leading institutions in the field of management education in Nepal. This year brings with it an outstanding enthusiasm for me as I joined this highly reputed team after my almost a decade long experience as Principal in Pokhara College of Management, Pokhara.

You are cordially invited to visit Liberty College either personally or through our web-site ( and explore the life at Liberty, know about our enriched faculty pool, be acquainted with our twenty first century learning technologies, and discover about the successful stories of our graduates. It is my great pride to confidently state that every year new aspirant youngsters enter Liberty with great excitement and anticipation.

Liberty College is undoubtedly an educational institution of exemplary standards in Kathmandu offering four years BBA and BHM programs of Pokhara University. Our faculty members use constructivist teaching-learning approach and are highly committed to quality business and management education. They provide every opportunity to identify, develop and unveil the latent potential of future managers, hoteliers and business leaders through learner centered methodology.

I would like to encourage each individual to have a great DREAM for your life and give your very best in an attempt to realize it. I look forward to seeing you at Liberty College, where you can turn your DREAM in to REALITY. Lastly, I would like to heartily applaud you all for your academic success so far. Wish you all the best for your future endeavor.

Dr. Bishwo Udhir Poudel Gharti

If you Have Any Questions Please Call Us On: (+977-1-5706612,5705386)