Pravek Joshi

Vice Principal

Dear Valued Aspirants,

Welcome to the BBA & BHM program of Liberty College!

I am extremely privileged and honoured to welcome you to Liberty College. I feel proud to be associated with Liberty College which has been relentlessly trying to integrate and enlarge various skills, interests, talent, and competencies of its graduates, especially in both the BBA and BHM programs. With your academic knowledge, achievement, and research, you can stand confident, capable, and competent after you complete your degree.

Liberty College has been aiming to groom socially conscious leaders, managers, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs who contribute not just to society, but the world as well. Liberty College is committed to being excellent in management education, hospitality education, practical exposure, research, and training. The use of contemporary participant-centric pedagogies and teaching methods establish a presence in the emerging segments of management education.

With the ever-changing and ever-evolving management education, we too have evolved and developed extensive modern teaching methodologies that transform ideological thinking to practical thinking that lead to ideas that are out of the box and triggers creativity.

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are encouraged, and the students are given every form of support to develop their talents in all fields. Our brand of education does not have narrow horizons, we believe in exposure. Our students are encouraged to widen their knowledge base and study beyond the confines of the syllabus.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Working Personnel

Mr. Pravek Joshi
Program Director


Vice Principal

Mr. Pravek Joshi

Extracurricular activities can also help students discover hidden talents, meet people they might otherwise not encounter, and learn about things outside their own environment. But which activities should a student choose? Should they choose activities that use talents they already possess and meet people with similar talents, or should they choose something new and different and meet people who possess different opinions and skills? Some students are comfortable with growth while others will feel more comfortable with familiarity.

If a student enjoys outdoor activities, he or she may want to look into other sports. If a student enjoys reading he or she may also enjoy literary clubs, writing clubs or journalism activities. Extracurricular activities are also a good way to learn appreciation for new and different activities. A student who would ordinarily choose football or baseball might think about exposing themselves. Choosing something outside a student’s comfort zone widens horizons and expands knowledge.

Working Personnel
Mr. Rishu Lal Shrestha
ECA and Discipline Incharge
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