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Welcome to BBA & BHM program of Liberty College!

I feel proud to be associated with Liberty College which has been relentlessly trying to integrate and enlarge various skills, interests, talent, and competencies of its graduates especially in both BBA & BHM Programs. With their academic knowledge, achievement, and research, they can stand confident, capable and competent after they complete their degree. We enable our students to gain insights from different arts and sciences of contemporary management practices so that they can obtain their job opportunities and easily handle managerial practices of any reputed business enterprise. Likewise, we have an incredible knowledge capacity. We also have our unique teaching pedagogy and practical methods of teaching and learning that are designed to stimulate our students intellectually as well as make them technically sound and competent as human capital both in business administration and hospitality management.

Liberty College is a vibrant learning community that emphasizes a four-way partnership among students, parents, faculty, and management. The strength of this partnership is reflected in the overall success of our students. I am confident that your time in BBA & BHM programs at Liberty College will be both academically enriching and enjoyable. After all, we are here to provide you management knowledge and skills that will prove to be immensely beneficial for your future academic, personal and professional success.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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Mr. Pravek Joshi

Program Director


Program Director


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Very happy to find this institute!

All our dreams can come true if we have courage to purse them. Liberty College has not just been a platform for educational excellence but a backbone for external exposures and knowledge. The skills and capabilities that the college has provided us endeavors for our futures.

BINAYA MAHARJAN, BBA 8th SEM 7th Batch, Entrepreneur

Best Experience

Being a student of Liberty College, I feel proud to be recognized as libertian. College isn’t just about learning facts and theories from textbooks. A large part of college involves exploring new subjects, finding friends and meeting new people from different backgrounds. A coordinated team, experienced teachers and library with a wide range of learning materials are the assets of Liberty College. So, being a libertian makes me proud and happy.


Aim your future

Liberty is one of the best colleges for studying hospitality management. I received top class training which helped me improve my knowledge to an entirely different level. This in turn has guided me and paved way to my successful career start. Liberty family always treated us as we are their children. They are very friendly and helpful. By studying at liberty my confidence level has risen too much high level.


BHM Career

As I appeared my higher secondary examination, I was worried about my future career. But I got to know about Liberty College. So, as I got admitted to the college, I found the right platform to interact with my dreams. Indeed with BHM Faculty, with every practical courses, I got much more to learn in relative subjects with featuring contributions from great qualified professors. My College is a guide to succeeding and navigating academic career.

NAMSIN THAPA MAGAR, BHM 1st Batch, IV Semester

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