Cultural Club - Liberty College Nepal

Cultural club serves as a vibrant tapestry where diverse identities, traditions, and perspectives intertwine. It provides a welcoming space for students to celebrate and share their cultural heritage, fostering a sense of belonging and cross-cultural understanding. Through dynamic events, workshops, and discussions, the cultural club promotes dialogue about traditions, values, and global issues, enhancing cultural awareness and empathy among members. It encourages unity amidst diversity, breaking down barriers and building bridges between different communities. By showcasing art, music, cuisine, and traditions, the club enriches the campus environment and encourages open-mindedness. Ultimately, the cultural club not only preserves and celebrates various heritages but also nurtures a community that values inclusivity and enriches the college experience for all students.

Members of Cultural Club

Yagga Budha - Liberty College Nepal

Yagga Budha


Sweta Sharma


Aakash Manandhar


Events of Cultural Club

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