Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) provides students with sound conceptual knowledge, skills, and attitude required for the various areas of business and hospitality management. The BHM program aims at developing students’ intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education with courses related to hospitality management. The program is targeted at building leadership qualities required for managing business functions especially of hospitality industry. The program also aims to produce entrepreneurs who can initiate small scale hotel and restaurant business.

Bachelor of Hotel Management is a four year program comprising of eight semesters of six months each. The first four semesters are full of theory as well as practical. Students will have to do internship in seventh and eighth semesters. BHM in total is of 138 credit hours course.

Students experience with firsthand knowledge of industry standards and roles especially in food production, confectionary, food & beverage service, front office, accommodation operations and room division etc. Taking into considerations the changing trends and competition, Liberty College offers value-added programs, a mentoring and coaching system and a well established industry-academic interaction that is in place to fuel the rise academically.

After completion of all the requirements of the four year study program, graduates will be able to:
• occupy supervisory/managerial positions in the hotel and catering industry with adequate background of management functions;
• acquire technical and social knowledge and skills required for professional handling of hotel and catering operations;
• apply management skills for greater economy and success of business operations;
• set standards for quality assurance of the services offered to customers;
• develop positive attitude towards the trade with greater initiative and self confidence in handling the operations; and become a successful entrepreneur in a small/medium size enterprise.

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