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The Bachelor of Computer System and Information Technology (BCSIT) program at Pokhara University is a four-year curriculum encompassing 126 credit hours. This program integrates the concepts and practices of management with information systems and technology.

The BCSIT curriculum prepares you to develop complete and integrated Management Information Systems (MIS) crucial for today's organizations to make informed and timely decisions. You'll delve into contemporary concepts, issues, and practices of management, while enhancing your knowledge and skills around information systems and technology โ€“ essential tools for developing robust MIS solutions.

The program offers the opportunity to select two elective courses (6 credit hours) aligned with your personal interests and career aspirations. In addition to coursework, you'll gain practical experience through a mandatory internship, one major project (3 credits), and two minor projects (1 credit and 2 credits) required for graduation.

Research & Publication

  • Immerse yourself in cutting-edge research alongside professors.
  • Gain hands-on experience in conducting research, analyzing data, and authoring publishable papers.
  • Contribute to the ever-growing knowledge base of computer science and information technology.

Foster Your Inner Entrepreneur: Liberty Startup

  • Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit through our Liberty Startup initiative.
  • Develop innovative tech solutions and turn your ideas into reality.
  • Gain valuable mentorship and support to navigate the startup ecosystem.

Master In-Demand Skills:

  • Our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry trends.
  • Learn highly sought-after skills in areas like cybersecurity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Graduate prepared to tackle real-world challenges and impress potential employers.

Bootcamps & Workshops: Boost Your Expertise:

  • Take advantage of our bootcamps and workshops to gain deeper knowledge in specific tech areas.
  • Learn from industry experts and practitioners.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in the field.

Hone Your Skills Through Hackathons:

  • Participate in exhilarating hackathons to test your abilities and solve real-world problems under pressure.
  • Collaborate with peers, brainstorm solutions, and develop innovative prototypes.
  • Build your portfolio and gain valuable experience for future endeavors.

Course Code Subjects Credits
ENG 111 English  3
MTH 113 Mathematics I 3
 CMP 173 Internet Technology I 3
CMP 171 Fundamentals of Computer Systems 3
CMP 172 Programming Language 3

Course code Subjects Credits
ENG 112 Business Communication 3
MTH 114 Mathematics II 3
CMP 174 Digital Systems 3
CMP 175 Object-Oriented Language (Java) 3
CMP 176 Data Structure and Algorithm 3
 PRJ 181 Project I 2

Course code Subjects Credits
STT 220 Linear Algebra and Probability 3
CMP 271 Database Management System 3
CMP 272 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design  3
CMP 273 Internet Technology II (Programming) 3
 MGT 222 Principles of Management 3

Course code Subjects Credits
CMP 275 Computer Architecture and Microprocessor 3
CMP 274 Numerical Methods 3
 CMP 276 Software Engineering and Project Management 3
CMP 277 Data Communication and Networks 3
FIN 222 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3
 PRJ 281 Project II 2

Course code Subjects Credits
MKT 351 Digital Marketing 3
CMP 381  Operating Systems 3
 MGT 322 Organizational Behavior 3
CMP 471 Artificial Intelligence 3
  Concentration I 3

Course code Subjects Credits
CMP 384 Computer Graphics 3
RCH 322 Research Methods 3
CMP 382  Cloud Computing 3
 ECO 322 Applied Economics 3
  Concentration II 3

Course code Subjects Credits
MGT 422 Strategic Management 3
MGT 423 Management of Human Resources 3
CMP 383 Digital Economy 3
CMP 472 Information System Security 3
PRJ 481 Major Project 4
  Concentration III 3

Course code Subjects Credits
LAW 422 Legal Aspects of Business and Technology 3
MGT 424 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
INT 494 Internship 5
  Concentration IV 3
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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program offers a myriad of promising career outcomes for graduates. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of various business disciplines, BBA graduates are well-prepared to enter the professional world and excel in diverse roles. Many embark on careers in business management, leading teams and overseeing operations as department heads or business development managers. Others thrive in marketing and sales positions, leveraging their knowledge of consumer behavior to excel as marketing coordinators or brand managers. Those with a specialization in finance and accounting find success as financial analysts or accountants, ensuring the financial health of organizations. BBA graduates also venture into entrepreneurship, starting their own businesses and utilizing their business planning and financial management skills. Other opportunities lie in human resources, supply chain management, consulting, and the non-profit and government sectors. With a versatile skill set, BBA graduates can make a significant impact in various industries and drive their professional growth.

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