Alumni Club within a college serves as a crucial bridge between past, present, and future. It upholds the legacy of the institution, fostering a lifelong connection among graduates. Through networking events, mentorship programs, and reunions, the Alumni Club facilitates professional growth by connecting current students with successful alumni. This interaction offers insights into various industries, guidance in career choices, and potential job opportunities. Additionally, the club strengthens the sense of community, enabling former students to maintain friendships, share experiences, and support the college's development. Alumni contributions can include guest lectures, workshops, and funding initiatives that enhance educational offerings. Overall, the Alumni Club nurtures a thriving, enduring relationship between the college, its graduates, and the wider world, encapsulating the spirit of shared achievement and advancement.

Members of Alumni Club

Hari Khadka - Liberty College Nepal

Hari Khadka


Ganga Thapa - Liberty College Nepal

Ganga Thapa


Amrita Bista - Liberty College Nepal

Amrita Bista


Gaumati Khatri


Events of Alumni Club

Graduation Ceremony - Liberty College Nepal
Graduation Ceremony

Liberty College is thrilled to announce that our graduation ceremony for BBA and BHM programs w...