The Readers Club serves as an intellectual haven where literary enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds come together to explore the world of books and ideas. It provides a welcoming space for students to immerse themselves in literature, fostering a sense of belonging and shared passion for reading. Through engaging events, book discussions, and author interactions, the Readers Club promotes dialogue about various genres, themes, and literary styles, enhancing critical thinking and empathy among members. It encourages unity through a love of reading, breaking down barriers and building connections between different individuals. By showcasing a wide array of literature, from classic novels to contemporary works, the club enriches the campus environment and inspires curiosity. Ultimately, the Readers Club not only celebrates the joy of reading but also cultivates a community that values knowledge and enhances the college experience for all students.

Members of Readers Club

Yagga Budha - Liberty College Nepal

Yagga Budha


Sweta Sharma


Aakash Manandhar


Events of Readers Club

Graduation Ceremony - Liberty College Nepal
Graduation Ceremony

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Public Speaking Training

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